Sports Massage

- Pre-Event

Prep your animal for their next event. This massage improves performance as well as reducing injuries at the event.

- Post-Event

Everyone needs a cool down post-event. This will insure your animal will recover faster after an event.

Post Surgical Massage

Operations take a toll on an animals performance and behavior. We offer post surgical massage to help your animal to a full recovery.

Rehabilitative Massage

This post-injury massage helps aleviate most symptoms your canine or equine experiences.

Maintenance Massage

Keep your animal healthy and happy by scheduling a routine maintenance massage.


Behavioral / Emotional

Massage not only improves the physical well being of your animal but it also improved the overall behavior of the animal. A healthy animal is also a happy animal.

Bella Luna Animal Massage offers various modalities and therapies that can be very beneficial to your horse or dog in improving various symptoms and behavioral changes like those described below.


•    Abnormal posture
•    Insubordination when being ridden
•    Sensitivity to touch
•    Unleveled gait rhythm
•    Stiffness when the horse leaves the stable
•    Stiffness when bending and in its general posture
•    Muscular atrophy
•    Overall decreased range of motion in gait


•    Reluctance to move
•    Abnormal posture
•    Disability to climb stairs or jump onto raised areas
•    Limited performance
•    Signs of pain when performing certain movements
•    Animal lies on only one side
•    Disobedience when jumping
•    Altered sitting position (so-called "puppy sitting")
•    Frightened or painful facial expression
•    Sensitivity to touch
•    Unleveled gait rhythm
•    Irregular gait
•    Stiffness after sleeping
•    Stiffness when bending
•    Muscular atrophy
•    Sciatica neuralgia
•    Undefined lameness
•    Shortened stride
•    Decreased range of motion
•    The back does not swing




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